Diversity Richmond

Started by Arthfach, Oct 29, 2022, 02:32 AM

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Diversity Richmond is a pretty badass group, I have to say. They're an LGBTQ+ organization that puts on these small local events that are very queer-positive with a lot of warm, welcoming people. I am rather glad that a friend pointed me to them and drags me to some of their events and locations because they definitely are helping me feel better about myself.

Went out to one tonight and even got a couple complements on the dress and face paint, which made me feel good and happy. Kind of nice not to be made fun of for what I wear or how fat I am.


You should be allowed to look however you want. Also, you're not fat, you're "healthy". Legit, more studies are showing bigger people live longer. As always, I encourage you to be you. You deserve it.


I actually hadn't heard about the big people living longer studies. I have to think it makes some kind of sense, at least on the concept of storing energy and having more reserves if injured or sick - more to draw from when you can't intake as much. I'll have to see what the studies actually say about it.

I definitely felt pretty. It was super nice. I got more attention than the person I was with! :D


Maintenance Phase podcast is one Casey listens to all about food myths, like what "overweight" and "obese" really are, or all the shady shit with "got milk" and the food pyramid.


I really need to start listening to good podcasts. Thank you!


Oh yeah they're pretty close to me (although in downtown which I don't do much driving in so I've never been, sadly). I see the events they put on and it always looks pretty cool!