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Welcome to the introductions thread. Here you can tell us a little bit about yourself and also get to know other forum members. Feel free to offer up as much or as little as you like - whatever you feel comfortable with sharing.


Call me Dove, or Dragon Mom. I doubt there'll be many people who don't know me already. I'm an ordained pagan priestess, editor, and otherkin. Dragon, fae, crow, and kakodaimon.


Hey, I'm Cipher, the Devil. Y'all know me already XD



Howdy, our name is Abraxas. We're plural, we have a hearthome, and we are fictionkin. People might know us as the Arcade Gannon or Fallout guy.


I'm Joe, or Proph as most online know me. Streamer, gamer, techie, and jack of all trades. Arth is one of my best friends, so of course I'm here. Be prepared to see lots of dick and fart jokes and crude humor from me, in its purest form. I'm the self proclaimed "King of the trolls", and also have the tag of "Global Moderator", so thats a fun combo ;)


I'm Haven, sometimes HavenDragon, and I use they/it pronouns. I enjoy art of many different mediums and styles, and I'm an avid gamer. Sometimes I write or paint. I heard from a friend that DoveWithScales was cool, and that's basically why I've found myself here. I'm a dragonkin, and I have several fiction kintypes as well.

Shiloh (Bee System)

Allo, I'm Shiloh. I'm part of a system (Currently our name is "Bee System" but we're not sold on it, and have changed it a couple of times before). Zuri and Enigma may show up, too; Enigma may make her own account, as that's what she prefers to do.

I'm nonbinary and use they/them or ne/nem pronouns (Ne likes to wear nir favorite shirt frequently; it's gotten a little worn on nem). Zuri considers himself a transman and a femboy twink (he felt this was very important to share, so y'know) and uses he/him pronouns. Enigma uses she/her and considers herself a cis woman. We also have Nisa, who uses she/her pronouns, but Nisa is a grumpy, antisocial tiger. We'll talk about her but the chances of her showing up are very low.

Uhh, I'm a writer! Primarily a poet, but I write fantasy stuff too. I have a published poetry book and am in a few anthologies. I roleplay, too.

I'm otherkin and fictionkin. I'm a cat. =^.^=

I'm also extremely socially anxious. I have a variety of disorders that make things Difficult(tm) for me, so it took me a while to get around to posting lol.

The flower on my avatar is something I draw a LOT, and Zuri wanted a knife in the avatar too, so I doodled that real quickly xD I don't have much artistic talent, but I can doodle a few things decently, and I like editing graphics to make fun things. I also like coding things. Pretty things make me happy.

This is long enough, so. Uh. Hi! XD


Hiya. I'm Dzamie. Furry, gamer, occasionally an artist and writer. Particularly fond of dragons, snakes, and other scaly creatures. I suspect I'll do a lot of lurking.
Blame or credit Dove for me being here.



Welcome on in everyone! I'm glad to see you all and I hope you enjoy your time here, active or lurking!


Hello. I am Sunny, though most online will know me as Floof. I am a therian and therein autistic practicing draconic pagan who's been awakened for 3+ years. I am a wolf, yet only recently have I found myself to be a dragon as well.
I draw. I make plenty of art, and have a tendency to hyperfixate on roleplays and Pokemon. I quite like jolteon :) I am very happy this site exists, especially after Kinmunnity was shut down, and I do hope to get to know others more.


Welcome on in, Sunny! <3 I hope you enjoy your time here with us!


Hi! Im Doxion, you can call me Doxi or Dox for short. im 24 and im mainly fictionhearted (virgil sanders from sanders sides), questioning some other identities around being cat, griffin, robot, and dragon. i like youtube, nature, lignuistics, and probably other things. oh and im also plural. nice to meet you all!


uhh, it says i need 2fa, and that i need a compatible app, idk what app to use, idr want to use the suggested one bc its google. any suggestions?