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OWOD Garou

Started by Rhoenne, Jun 20, 2023, 01:17 AM

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So, I've been playing World of Darkness for over ten years now and I have found that the Garou are my favorite of the various spheres.  I enjoy most of their lore and the way the clans and auspices are set up mostly make sense to me.

I was curious what others might think of the various aspects and clans and all that of the Garou from Old World of Darkness, such as Revised and 20th.  I wasn't a fan of the Nwod Garou.

The whole thought that someone might be born who is part spirit who is able to transform and embody the wrath of Gaia herself is interesting to me.  Granted, the first change is rather tragic for the vast majority of the new cubs but after that, you would have a whole new world opened to you.  I think they did well with the various tribes as well and people can almost always find one that might resonate a bit with them.

Anyways, I was wondering what people thought of the Garou?  Is there a particular tribe you preferred?  And Auspice that resonated with you?  Or lore that you particularly liked?


Honestly, with the Garou, I just find the lore of a warrior culture fascinating. While my experience with it wasn't the best (you know the storyteller's view on the sphere that I dealt with), I'd love to give it a shot with a ST who bought into the idea of the warrior culture so I could really play around with it and get to know it on a better level.


I love it conceptually, but in reality the games often are monster-of-the-week style, more combat oriented games. And for me, that just doesn't do much. If I can do the same thing in a video game, but much faster and with better graphics... why am I do this for 3 hours?

However, I think there's a huge amount of potential for more. I had a friend who would literally write ballads and poetry for moots, and I thought that was awesome. That kind of thing is what makes it for me - the story elements and Garou has a lot of potential. It just usually turns into 'smash things now' and that doesn't interest me.


Ohhhhhhh ... what's the Garou say~